Our Frequently asked questions

Adult education provides opportunities for adults to improve education levels, obtain a high school credential or become better English speakers.

Visit our directory to search for adult education programs in your city.

Most programs are free or low-cost. Some programs offer scholarships for those who qualify.

After you find a program in our directory, click on the program’s website for more information.

Online classes vary for each program.

Many of our programs require students to be at least 18 years old to participate. Some programs are available for people age 16 or 17 depending on circumstances. To see if you qualify, contact us today

There is no age limit to earn a high school credential.

Many of our programs are flexible and we do our best to accommodate work schedules.

Adult education services can help you gain new skills, find a better job or grow your career. You can earn over $6,000 more a year with a high school credential and over $7,500 more a year with a two-year degree from a college.

Some programs offer child care or can connect you with child care services.

Some programs can connect you with transportation services.

Visit www.mitalent.org to find job opportunities.

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